My Therapeutic Approach

Making you feel comfortable so that we can build a trusting and secure relationship is my number one goal. I strongly believe that the therapeutic alliance is the most important element to successful treatment. Making the decision to enter therapy takes personal strength, wisdom, dedication, and courage. For this reason, you can expect me to always be there to listen attentively, give you appropriate feedback, support you, follow ethical guidelines, maintain confidentiality, and provide you with easy-to-understand psychoeducation. 

I always strive to create a nonjudgmental environemnt, where you can feel comfortable to discuss your innermost thoughts and feelings. My therapeutic style draws from a number of different theoretical approaches because I believe that therapy has to be tailored to each individual patient. I will always make sure to be sensitive to your cultural and ethnic background, as I believe it is very helpful in understanding an individual's current issues and in devising an effective treatment plan. 

Together, we will help you gain insight, self-awareness, and a widening of perspectives, so that you can better understand your symptoms and coping strategies. It is often the case that we adopt coping skills that were helpful in getting us through a major stress or trauma, but then we continue using those same techniques that become unhealthy and maladaptive. In therapy, we will identify the source of your current struggles, gain a better understanding of them, identify your current coping tools and add new and healthier ones. We will help you achieve personal growth, strengthen your inner sense of self, improve relationships through better communication skills, and gain symptom relief. 

I thank you for considering me as your therapist and I look forward to taking this journey with you :)